The Problem

  • Limited variety of localised social game content
  • No BlockChain compliant social platforms offering token enabled games
  • No token fueled loyalty program
  • Limited crypto payment options through dedicated smart contract wallets
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The Solution

  • Launch and operate Asia focused token enabled social casino games
  • BlockChain fueled enabling bi-directional exchange of private and base tokens
  • Offer token based loyalty rewards programs
  • Launch an ICO to build a RubieCon Foundation
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The Market

  • $4.5 Billion Dollar Global Market
  • 250% Year on Year Growth
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Build a ERC20 compliant token called RubieCoin
(RBY). A gaming token built on the Ethereum
blockchain, specifically designed for use as a
universal payment and rewards system for
gaming and wagering.


Create an independent foundation managed
gaming platform called GameWorkz allowing open
and free to all game publishers, advertisers,
marketers and players.

Investor ROI

250% in 2 Years and a seat at the table


Next Steps...

Interested in joining us on this exciting adventure, mixing BlockChain and the Social Gaming world?

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