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Shaun McCamley

Our Approach

RubieCon is a B2C2B free play Asia focused social casino games platform
targeting new generations of Asian players. RubieCon will create an independent foundation managed platform open and free to all game publishers, advertisers, marketers and players. Disruptive and smart, RubieCon rings in a new era of social
gaming to an already hungry and impatient market

Our Story

RubieCon founder and CEO Shaun McCamley, has been a pioneer in the online gaming space where in 1999, he launched the internet’s first networked bingo platform called BingoWorkz. RubieCon brings new and exciting dynamics to the social games business and is ready to disrupt an industry already hungry for change and innovation.  Set to carve out a niche in the $4 billion global market our aim is to innovate through continual game offerings and inventive open source platform design . A key initiative will be the development of an independent foundation managed gaming platform called GameWorkz.  Open and free to all game publishers, advertisers, marketers and players, the GameWorkz platform will be the frist of its kind in the world of social gaming.