How do I get the tokens prior to the ICO?

We will implement a crowd source ICO contract, that way the tokens will be available through the published contract.

How many ICO's will there be?

We will be launching two separate ICO's. The first ICO will be specifically targeted to Rubiecoin, this token will be used as a base token within the system, and will be trade-able. The first ICO is targeted to be launched in January 2019
The second ICO will come into effect once the platform has been built as a POC (Proof of Concept), and shown to be fully working. This token will be used to fund the decentralization of the platform.

Who are the leadership team?

Do contact us to find out who we are, our leadership team, advisors and the technical team we have available.


What Social Games Can I Play?

Our social games are free to play and Asia focused featuring localised content. Our game library includes slots, bingo, poker, hunter and arcade games. We are always adding games so keep checking to see whats new.

Do your games have special features and bonus options?

Hourly bonus offers, referral and loyalty rewards along with themed in game events, tournament play and other in game benefits makes RubieCon your best choice.

Can I use my Bitcoin to make in game purchases?

Yes you can because along with other standard e payment options we gladly accept crypto currencies as well.